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Size Guide
Size Guide

 Absorbs moisture four times better than cotton
✔ Naturally antibacterial and anti-odor properties
 Sewn with antibacterial threads - CoatsProtect® 
Ultra-breathable fabric 

 Quick-drying & moisture wicking
 Luxurious silk-like texture
 Seamless shoulder yokes
 Ergonomic tailoring
 Seamless shoulder yokes
 360 degrees stretch for excellent comfort
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Get the most moisture-absorbing hunting base layer made of highly technical natural bamboo fibers.

Explore the power of the World's most innovative and functional material that is now available for hunters.

This highly technical hunting t-shirt made of bamboo viscose, organic cotton, and elastane is one of the most technical base layers made for hunters.

Different from merino wool that does not absorb moisture but only evaporates it, the bamboo fiber absorbs the moisture better than any other material and is exceptional for hot days and high temperatures. The all-natural bamboo viscose is also quick-drying, extremely breathable, and hypoallergenic.

To make the most efficient layer in terms of durability, functionality, and performance, we added organic cotton for extra strength and elastane for 360-degree stretchiness that will bring extra comfort and a luxurious feeling to the fabric.


Even if the material is antibacterial, if the threads are not treated, the odor buildup in the underarm threads will always occur. This is the reason we used the one-of-a-kind CoatsProtect® threads for sewing our t-shirts and allowing us to achieve the maximum level of odor elimination.

With anti micro treatment
(Zone of inhibition clearly seen)

Without treatment
(No zone of inhibition)


Designed with seamless shoulder yokes the t-shirt will bring extra comfort when carrying a backpack or rifle.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to wear this t-shirt for hunting, hiking, or for your daily life, we guarantee top performance, the highest level of comfort, and superb odor protection.

Now get your premium long sleeve bamboo base layer T-shirt that will bring a new level of perfection and will definitely enhance your hunting efficiency




Also available in Ventilated short sleeve version